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Side By Side :: The Delight - Side By Side Sexual Position :: (144587 Reads)

Friday, January 21, 2005 - 06:13

The Delight

A man sits with his body leaning slightly backwards and hands placed alongside the body. Legs can be either straight or bend as comfortable and the head relaxed. By playing the active role, the woman embraces her partner with legs and supports her arms behind her torso. It calls for intense foreplay stimulation, since this position doesn't allow either manual or oral contact during penetration. It's the woman's turn to set the pace as the rendezvous penis-vagina takes place with a unison inward movement. Either way, it's essential to her clitoris to be favored by the thumping against his body. The eye contact is a must and the exchange of words becomes such powerful weaponry in taken the most out of it.

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